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Kegek said:
Alpha Romeo said:
I didn't think everyone would be happy with this design...
I've already stated my opinion on the design. Which is I like it. But I also think that the nacelles will probably still look like that.

As far as James Cawley's dissastifaction goes, it's clear that the design is not identical to the TOS Enterprise; there are more lines on the hull and Cary L. Brown has noted that a slightly different font is used.
Anyone who would honestly argue changing the font was somehow implausible, or in violation of canon, or overtly detrimental to the design (within reason) is a nit-picking for the sake of it and in need of a reality check. They can probably slap a new paint job on a starship in a matter of days! Simple hull lettering in hours! The font works here, no problem.

This pic makes me excited!
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