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Re: What would have improved Voyager?

blockaderunner said:
KitchenWitch said:
blockaderunner said:
^^^^It still doesn't answer my question of why should Berman and Braga been a part of it if it was that bad? Granted, they would have been out of the money making machine that was Star Trek, but it might have made them look good by the fans and presented them oppurtunities elsewhere to tell stories that otherwise would have been hindered by Trek. They didn't have to be at Trek.
They were under contract at Paramount. Legally, they couldn't back out without incurring huge penalties.

[Nuremburg]"I was only following orders,"[/Nuremburg]
You're saying that anyone should just give up their entire career just over some disputes with the higher-up managements?

If they left they'd violate their contracts, get the pants sued off them, and due to this legal action be prevented from further work. Meanwhile Paramount just hires new dudes who'll keep in line more and make a small profit from the money they got due to B&B's contract violations.

Moore wasn't in their position, he could leave without threat of legal action.
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