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Re: The OFFICIAL new Enterprise - Let the critiques begin!

Vance said:I'll put it bluntly. Why would people who gave the last four movies and last two television series a complete miss, suddenly come to this one? Would people accept a whole new cast, writing, sets, etc, that's 'original series' just because it says it's 'original series'?
Simple. Because they see something that, on the basis of it being GOOD ENTERTAINMENT ALONE, is something that they want to see.

This trailer (which I'll be seeing in person in a few hours... I'm off to the flick tonight) is all about getting people excited FIRST. That's what the film has to do, too. Remind them that it's Star Trek later.
If you're going to base your hopes on the success of this film as being 'the original is back', then it needs to be 'the original' as much as what's feasible. The more you vary (particularly in ways that you don't need to), the more it's going to be 'just another Trek flick from MilkingDeadCowFilms, Inc.'.
Aha, but that's how it got sold TO THE STUDIO HEADS, not how it's being sold to the audiences. The general audience isn't all that much more likely to go watch an episode of TOS on the big screen than they are to go see Picard and "Picard light" have dinner, then fight to the death...

The audience will come if it looks like an entertaining film, not if it looks like a Star Trek film. In the minds of many people, those two have long since ceased to be synonymous and have actually become antonyms. "Trek" is NOT "Entertaining" in the minds of the general audience anymore. This film has to change that.

I agree, wholeheartedly, that it's unnecessary and undesirable to make changes to the designs, the costume, etc. And that this will cause problems for the franchise long-term which aren't NECESSARY in order to create a successful film. I think you and I agree on that point.

My only argument with you is that you seem to think that this is going to result, IN AND OF ITSELF, in an unsuccessful film. I don't see the logic behind that argument. I may, PERSONALLY, not like to see certain changes... but that has nothing to do with whether or not the film will be a box-office success.
And how, exactly, is that going to bring in any butts on seats?
Leaving the ship identical to the original, or making changes to it, SHOULDN'T bring more butts in, or drive more butts away. The story is what ought to do that. If anyone chooses whether or not to go see a movie based upon the "set dressing," they're there for the wrong reason as far as I'm concerned.

Still... I'm not entirely happy with what I'm seeing (having seen the photoshop-enhanced, brightened image now). I see a lot of pointless, unnecessary changes that don't actually add anything to the design, but do create a contradictory issue with what we already know.

That said... none of that will result in a box-office bomb, will it?
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