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Re: The OFFICIAL new Enterprise - Let the critiques begin!

Though I am loathe to make this comparison...

If we're speaking of iconography, then consider the broad interpretations of icons in religion. No two paintings or frescos have ever portrayed characters and scenes from the bible identically. There are variations both subtle and broad, all based on archetypes. And yet, all are accepted as allegories. No one nitpicks that the virgin Mary's hair is 3 cm. too long.

To some on this board, the One True Enterprise™ is the model at the Smithsonian; any copy that deviates from microscopic laser measurements is a fraud. To most here, I suspect we apply a somewhat rational acceptance of the varied work by Jeffries, Joseph, Jein (what's with all the J's?), and everyone else who has interpreted the girl in various media.

To the "outside world", the iconography of the Enterprise is a dinner plate, a pickle and two sticks. So in short, I wouldn't worry myself that the ship looks "faithful", in terms of making a successful movie. I would be much more concerned about the writing, acting and direction.
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