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Re: What would have improved Voyager?

exodus said:"Learning Curve" where he punches out one of his Maquis so he learns to follow orders.

"Year of Hell" where he starts to side with Annorax.

"Fury" he orders Harry to rip the ship apart to escape the Viidians.(Best use of Chakotay ever!)

How he went rogue just to hopefully put an end to Seska.

"Unimatrix Zero", Chakotay's superior battle tactics allow Janeway and company to beam on a Borg Cube.

Encouraged the Voth scientist to persue his goals even though he knew it might end his life & career.

For that I always saw Chakotay as private in his personal life but aggressive by nature.
Learning Curve was an ironical use of force. he was literally saying force is stupid by using force stupidly. And it worked since Dalby decided to give up on the Maquis ways in favour of trying to enbiggen himself.

Year of hell. He sided with Annorax because he believed in the goodness of Annorax and thought they could use the weapon to create a non violent solution to extricate Voyager from the year of Hell. None of that could have happened with out Chakotay's faith in the goodness of others. It was Tom who mutinied against Chuckles organizing a violent insurrection and blew the bugger up. Well, kicked it into normal space.

Fury I haven't seen this one a lot like most of the early shows. But are you talking about Chakotay from day 60ish? When the death of his crew was still fresh in his mind? Exagerated youth.

Maneuverers? Imagine a guy getting uppity about fracking with the rapist who fracked him? And still even then, after destroying the transporter technology on a rogue solo mission... he surrenders and accepts Kazon law for punishment since he wasn't going to take his suicide mission to any ridiculous conclusion too quickly. Janeway would have chalked her shuttle up to ramming speed and bounced the sucker off the Kazon City Ships shields.

Unimatrix Zero. Um? His captain asked him to create a battle plan? Again haven't seen in a while.

Distant origin Unless Chakotay was "tricking" those Voth into walking across a religious nut job mine field for giggles... But he was right there arguing for "truth" using reason and speechifying.

I'm just not seeing it bud.
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