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Re: The OFFICIAL new Enterprise - Let the critiques begin!

Look, it's a true statement that the Enterprise is a cultural icon. We all know that. Nobody's going to deny that unless they're being intentionally obtuse in order to pick a fight (which has been known to happen on here sometimes!)

But Arlo's comment is also true. You made a statement of fact but as far as I know, nobody's ever done a scientifically valid study of what sci-fi icon is the most well-recognized ever.

You overstated your case a bit, and he's nitpicking the overstatement. Am I wrong on either count?

Now, to MY point... I happen to agree with you, Vance, about how the Enterprise is the single most widely recognized vessel (not just SCIFI vessel, but ANY vessel) in all of fiction. I doubt that you could show a picture of the TOS Enterprise to people in any city in any nation on this planet and have them not recognize it. You might find a few villages in the Andes where nobody'd know it, but those would be few and far between!

BUT... I fail to see the logical connection between the point of "the ship isn't a 100% perfect recreation, just more polished" (which is what I want to see!) and "the movie will be a bomb."

THAT is the part that I'm challenging.

It may irritate the Trek fans a bit... though how much is dependent on how much it deviates and if there's a plausible explanation for how and why... but if it's "very close" (which it seems to be), most audience members won't care... so the success or failure of the movie will be based more upon the quality of the storytelling.
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