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Re: What would have improved Voyager?

blockaderunner said:
^^^^It still doesn't answer my question of why should Berman and Braga been a part of it if it was that bad? Granted, they would have been out of the money making machine that was Star Trek, but it might have made them look good by the fans and presented them oppurtunities elsewhere to tell stories that otherwise would have been hindered by Trek. They didn't have to be at Trek. They couijld have easily let some other schlubs take the fall while they fade into obscurity or move on to other projects. They only thing they have to in life is die. Period.
It was their job.

If everybody walked away from a job just because they didn't like what the boss told them to do, then nobody in the world would ever work. If other such positions were so readily available for them to leave and do other work, I'm sure they would have. Jobs like actor or producer aren't sitting around in the industry ripe like apples waiting to be picked. There are thousands of young people graduating everyday that studied to be actors, writers & producers waiting and looking for jobs(I was one of them). There are thousands of veterans in the industry looking for work competing with these up and comers, all fighting for the same jobs.

I'm sorry but who gives a shit what the fans want, we aren't signing their pay check. B&B don't work for us, they worked for Paramount.
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