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Re: What would have improved Voyager?

Anwar said:
And quit blaming B&B for everything, most of these big decisions were made for them by UPN. Heck, Braga wanted to get rid of the replicators for good and have "Year of Hell" last for a whole year.
Then why immediately do ENT having learned nothing from VOY? Did they think that the suits would act any differently? Had B&B said "Look. We have a great idea for Series Five, but we want to take at least a year to develop it and refine it and make sure it carries on the grand tradition of Star Trek," Maybe I'd give them some slack. But they took the money and put their flimsy prequel on the fast track to being made and the lies started leaking out: "Of course T'Pol isn't wearing a catsuit". "We know whats going on with the Temporal cold War".

There's enough blame to go around, but don't start playing Trekkie revisionist history and try to exonerate (at least partially) the BooBs.
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