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Re: The OFFICIAL new Enterprise - Let the critiques begin!

I really don't see much of Gabe Koerner's design in there. I suspect that this is a matter of people transposing their expectations onto what they're seeing. People who want to see his ship, see his ship, in other words.

Here's what I see.

1) The warp engines are about 50% constructed. We see the "guts" of the bussard collectors, not the final version. We see the skin only on the very forward section... everplace behind that, we're seeing "guts."

We do see the inner surface grillwork being hauled into place... that's why the two rows of lights on the nacelle inside surface aren't straight... they're just being MOUNTED at this point.

We see some structure going to where the intercoolers will go... but it appears to be trusswork and filigree, and thus is probably intended to represent internal workings, not the final exterior detail. Whether that just gets a "skin" overr it, or if that's a part of the inner workings that's entirely inside of the final nacelle housing (but LEADING to the intercoolers)... it's impossible to say from these views.

It's also not clear, by any stretch, that there's a physical structure underneath what we see. I.E, no evidence of a secondary hull, or of a dorsal, or of nacelle pylons. As far as we can tell, it COULD be the complete ship, or it could be three subelements which are, at this point, entirely separate.

You can tell more about the primary hull, though. It clearly has the same general shape, topside... but the A/B/C superstructure is significantly different. For instance, there's no room "inside" of what we all know to be the bridge dome. There's a larger room on the first level of the next tier down (which is two decks high) which I presume is the bridge. There's also what appears to be a single-deck-thick ring below that. So, where the TOS Enterprise has the curve of the saucer going to the B/C deck "teardrop" superstructure, then to the bridge "button" on top, in this case we get the curve of the saucer, then a single-deck-thick "ring" then a two-deck-thick "bridge section" topped with a little button which is visually reminiscent of the original bridge but appears to be nothing but a sensor platform.

We see panel detailing... no big deal there, anyone who didn't expect that was fooling themself. However, it's SUBTLE, which is a very good thing.

And the hull marking font is clearly the TMP hull font... except its not the "BOLD" form... it's Microgramma Extended, not Microgramma BOLD extended, as TMP used. It's not the same font used in TOS, in other words.

As a TEASER... it's great... because it gets us talking, but doesn't really tell us very much!
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