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Re: What Enterprise is the better design part 2 ?

the engineering section on ALL 24th century starfleet vessels are smaller and have small nacels.

Actually Roddenberry didn't like those small nacelles. Probst originality had design shorter nacelles but Roddenberry told him to make it longer.
Sovereign nacelles are much better in my opinion.

The Sovereign Class also violates some of GR's basic visual ideas about hero ships. He wanted their lines to bbe simple and largely uncluttered. Look at the Sovreign class....what is all that crap on the underside of the saucer? What is with the out of control paint job?

Yeah, you have a point and i agree with you regarding the underside. Elves scold have designed it smother. However the overall the oval-shaped Sovereign saucer are much more appealing then oversized circular Galaxy saucer
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