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Re: What Enterprise is the better design part 2 ?

I've never understood the appeal of the Sovreign class. Its a complete throw back to the TOS era without any of the elegance and simplicity.

The Galaxy class was meant to convey the idea (quite correctly) that as technology advances it tends to get smaller even while becomming more powerful. All of the 24th century starships (until First Contact) reflected this simple and reasonable philosophy. The engines are smaller because they SHOULD be smaller and take up less space (just as the engines on a modern naval vessel need not be the size of the massive boilers that once propelled ships like the Titanic. Thus if you notice, the engineering section on ALL 24th century starfleet vessels are smaller and have small nacels.

The Enterprise E is a complete violation of the tecnological direction establised for the 24th century. The Sovreign Class does not look like it fits within the lineage of Enterprise. If you look at all of the Starships down the line, there is a logical prgression of the ship shapes (from steadily shrinking engines to curvier more organic shapes. The Sovreign Class looks like it should follow right behind the Excelsior Class. From the Shape of the warp engines to the large dual impusle engines and circular deflector...the SC looks like the Excelsior writ large.

The Sovreign Class also violates some of GR's basic visual ideas about hero ships. He wanted their lines to bbe simple and largely uncluttered. Look at the Sovreign class....what is all that crap on the underside of the saucer? What is with the out of control paint job?

The ship is a monstrosity and an exaple of excessive design. The Number of torpedo launchers featured on the Nemesis version is just ridiculous. Starfleet ships are not supposed to be flying weapons platforms.
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