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Re: What would have improved Voyager?

Angel4576 said:
^^ No, perhaps I should have said that DS9 should have had Jeri Ryan over Terry Farrell. Jeri Ryan was one of the best things about Voyager, Terry Farrell one of the worst things about DS9.
Dude, them is fighting words!

Jadzia Dax is my all time favorite Trek character.
She is the embodiment of what every Trek fan wishes they could be.
Smart, sexy, a celeb. because Dax was Curzon and everywhere she went, somebody knew him. Friends with the Ferengi, honorary Klingon, best friend to the Captain(the only one who could get away with calling Sisko by his first name), former lover of Vanessa Williams, pilot of the Defiant, she could fight like a Klingon, even the Jem'Hadar respected her.

What's not to like about her?
Jadzia Dax freakin' rocked!
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