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Re: What would have improved Voyager?

Guy Gardener said:
exodus said:
Guy Gardener said:
Chuckles was always the peace maker because Janeway was insanely violent starting wars with everyone they met.

Dude, check out the eps. where Janeway leaves Chakotay in charge of the ship. He's gets a shoot first, screw the questions attitude every time.
I'm thinking of equinox when he wants to keep the side arms velcroed to their utility belts as a sign of good faith, but janeway tells him "no way" because it's "take aim and wait for the order to shoot to kill." And I'm also thinking of Basics when the Vulcan is making Weapons and Janeway is making lines in the sand, but Chakotay rescues a baby from a volcano heralding a new age of peace.

Are you thinking of Scorpion? but even then his plan to screw the Borg was only to leave them some place safe and run away instead of exterminating 8472. Hell even in an episode called "The Fight" he's communicating via being a gimp bitch to weird aliens who talk with a freaky accent.

When was Chakotay the bloodthirsty one?
"Learning Curve" where he punches out one of his Maquis so he learns to follow orders.

"Year of Hell" where he starts to side with Annorax.

"Fury" he orders Harry to rip the ship apart to escape the Viidians.(Best use of Chakotay ever!)

How he went rogue just to hopefully put an end to Seska.

"Unimatrix Zero", Chakotay's superior battle tactics allow Janeway and company to beam on a Borg Cube.

Encouraged the Voth scientist to persue his goals even though he knew it might end his life & career.

For that I always saw Chakotay as private in his personal life but aggressive by nature.
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