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Re: Breen Attack on Earth

The Breen apparently attack Earth and cause damage to Starfleet command but are destroyed by Federation ships.
...Or other Federation assets, such as a planetary defense system similar to the Cardassian ones.

Now obviously they didnt use the energy dampening weapon because otherwise the Alliance would have been aware of the weapon but this begs the question why didnt they use it?
The weapon could have been in use but not recognized, as all the witnesses were killed. That's how you generally want to use your superweapons: in a manner that doesn't leave the enemy a chance to study their weaknesses. (Also note that the weapon by its very nature would have removed the witness statements of electronic recording devices, too.)

The majority of the Federations fleets were near the front lines and the Federation had no idea that the Breen were about to strike with a sneak attack
Not so. When summoning forces for the retaking of DS9, Sisko was denied the 3rd Fleet which was dedicated to defending Earth.

Cloaking devices, immense distances, and the less than perfect sensor systems of the Alpha players would mean that there could be no "front lines" in the conventional sense in this battle. It would be much like old-style naval warfare. No idea where the enemy might be, but a pretty good idea where he would want to be: near your precious ports! Hence, there'd have to be an Earth defense, which in fact we did hear had resisted the Breen and destroyed most of them.

so why didnt the Breen blast the Federation fleet at Earth and cripple them all and basically launch a full scale attack on Earth, take out Earth and Starfleet command and as has always been said you cripple the Federation.
That's the mystery part. Clearly the Breen wanted to strike fear at their enemy, using just minor resources to create a disproportionately large reaction - the analogy to the Doolittle Raid is obvious. But even those "minor resources" could in theory completely sterilize a planet if let to operate freely.

Se we probably have to assume that the Breen were not let to operate freely. Whatever weapons of mass destruction they fired at Earth, those were intercepted by the defenses. Remember that we have never quite seen how planetary defenses repel genocidal bombardment - but we have seen that such defenses are absolutely deadly against fleets of hundreds of starships. The Breen might not have wanted to push their luck, and would have sent only a token force on, as Ezri says, a suicide mission.

It makes no sense why the Breen didnt just outright annihilate Earth there and then. Taking out Earth would alone be the largest turning point in the war and would mean complete defeat of the Alliance by the Dominion.
So our heroes claim every now and then. I can't see that happening, though. Why would the loss of a single planet mean that much? Klingons and Romulans would not be affected; humans would have dozens if not hundreds or even thousands colonies with the capability to keep up the fight; and other Federation homeworlds would remain untouched.

Russia has never been defeated by merely conquering Moscow, its capital/most important city, either... Even though Moscow has been conquered or besieged by its enemies often enough.

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