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Re: series 6,, what will it be like

theARE said:
Jack Bauer said:
If the movie is a success I suspect that a tv series would be set around the time of TOS or perhaps slightly before.
I really hope not, it's been done to death by now.

I don't think it'll be set around the time of TOS at all. I think it will be set in the 23rd century, around the time of the movie. I expect the movie will be a rather different look at TOS to the point we're used to and the new show would reflect this.

Of course, two companies own the TV and film rights seperately, and Abrams has shown no interest in this as a TV venture... frankly, I think the likelihood the success of this film means a TV show is about as true as the success of Casino Royale means a TV show. The success of this film means more films, and, IMHO, nothing more. Not for a long while anyway.
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