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Re: What would have improved Voyager?

DumbDumb2007 said:
Voyager shoukld have been a larger ship with more cew and a youthful male captain would have made sense. Janeway was a good idea but it worked against them.
the guy who played the officer from the Enterprise-C would have made a good Captain ( Scott Mcdonald?) as w ell as Bill Campbell who almost played Riker.
To have a woman Captain and then rely on a subordinate officer for the fist fights Blew... The character of Seven of Nice is what saved the show from cancelaltion like Enterprise .
The idea of an ex borg on the ship should have come in in yr 1 and it shoulkd have bene structured differently with diff stories wite the Captain making an occasional move like Captain Ransom . Using teh Kazon and playing them at their own game would have worked.
Letting the whole ship get captured was sheer stupidity.
Holograpohic engineers should have been introduced in the first episode .
The ship should have had saucer sep capability with a Battle Bridge that would have made more sense to have since the ship was in more battles.
The idea of the Delta Flyer should have been thought of in season 1 but it wouldk have bene to much like DS9"s Defiant which is why it was put in later on.
Tom Paris shoukd have been made into the Ops Officer and Harry Kim should have really taken over the Astrometrics lab and been senior Ops Office wit ha greater set of responsibilities. A Whole new Conn officer from the Maquis shoukd have bene cast. A super youthful non couch potato.
Torres shoukd have been a Full Klingon. the half breed stuff didnt work.
Janeway also should have been Captain of an eariler ship like a Reliant type ship. Her decisions were flawed. Tuvok should have been established earlier on as an officer who had served on the Excelsior.
It goes on...
Your making Voyager a carbon copy of every Trek before it. I'm sorry my man but there isn't one original idea here.
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