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Re: TOS Caption Contest #72 - Right Here And Now Girls Talk

Hiya, folks.

First, thanks to Outpost4 for contacting me. Things have been hectic/on edge here for a while now, to say the least, and it was nice to be reminded of good things, of simple things, like dick jokes and Carl Spock. I've missed it, and I've missed you folks.

With a wife on bed-rest or in the hospital or needing to be taken to the hospital at a moment's notice, many things went away. Last time I blinked and exhaled, it was months ago.

Second, I'm sorry I didn't at least pop in and let you know I didn't get hit by a bus. I tried, once, early-on, during a tense hospital visit, but just as I logged on, everything went to Hell, bicornuate uterus-wise. I took it as a sign.

As you can see from the pics, all is well. He went nearly full term, which is just as inexplicable to the doctors as his actual conception. And like Gregg relayed, our daughter is over the moon about him. She won't leave the house, even to shop for clearance Christmas toys with Daddy, because, "I have to take care of Mommy and my liddle brudder."

I'll be back, as time allows. Mostly to release the pent up fart jokes I've been unable to unleash for several months (nurses don't appreciate them, I've discovered).

Third, thanks much for all the well-wishes and nice comments here so far. And Rat Boy and scottydog, you made my day with those. Haven't laughed, almost literally, in months. Until now.

I may be a little rusty. Here we go ...

Scotty, off-screen: Youíre tasked with holding the Cap'n's hair while he vomits.
Chekov: I vill not go into the toilet vití him.
Scotty, softly, off-screen: Ye wonít have to, Laddy.

Chapel, to McCoy off-screen: I'm not sure "F is for Fisting" is very appropriate, Doctor.
McCoy: The Captain wants her up to speed as soon as possible.

Joe, back
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