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Re: series 6,, what will it be like

Kaziarl said:
Well, as much as I'd hate to say it, other then fan produced movies and stories, I'm thinking trek is going to be dead for a while. We might get a show that is similar to it, but not quite the same.

1) Pocket Books is still going strong with no signs of slowing.

2) New comics being produced. Trek comics always seem to be going on. Granted, they have changed hands a number of times over many years, but there is usually not more than a year lull between new ones.

3) New movie coming out. If anything that doesn't suggest "dead" to me. And that movie also has had some pretty good internet buzz/anticipation. Granted, the movie might be bad. However, I get the feeling that it'll sell enough tickets to warrant a sequel (I could be wrong about ticket sales, but I think it is more likely it'll do financially well than not).

There will always be a new desire for more Trek. Even if Trek '08 bombs, TPTB will try to find a new way to market it.
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