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Re: What should be the next batch of IDW Trek comics?

foravalon said:

A weekly release of the comics has been mentioned, I was wondering when that was supposed to begin?

Also, Awesome Job on the books so far! The Orion and Andorian issues were off the hook! Thank You! Sincere thanks to your artists and writers for being inventive, creative, and edgy, while still being respectful to some of the amazing work that has come before and continues to be produced by pocket. You're creating beautiful stuff.
We should have four books a month coming out by May. We're going to schedule Trek to be weekly (different titles), though because of things like holidays, extra days in the month, Diamond shipping issues, etc. it might not always be perfect. (Then again, even weekly TV shows sometimes get pre-empted, etc.). But, the weekly format is what we're shooting for.

Oh, and glad you liked the Alien Spotlights! Make sure to pick up the Borg book when it comes out next week! (/Six-bit shill mode.)

Baerbel-- there'll still be alternate covers, etc. on some of our books--I was just explaining the idea behind the "Quad Cover".


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