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Re: Q & A Query (SPOILERS)

EJA said:
Okay, I'm reading Q & A at the moment, and there's just something that's nagging me. The prologue states that "They" periodically destroy every universe that comes along if it's inhabitants don't impress them. But later on in the book, lots of other universes become endangered at the same time as the "main" one. So do "They" wipe out entire multiverses rather than single universes at the end of every cycle? Kind of like the Conjunction of a Million Spheres in Michael Moorcock's fiction? Hope you can clear this up for me.
I had the same question when I initially read Q&A, but assumed it was just what KRAD said. The term "Universe" used to describe the entirety of existence, thereby including all multiple realities and possibilities.

At least now I know that I was correct in my assumption.
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