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Re: What would have improved Voyager?

exodus said:
Voyager tried to be intellectual with high concept stories during the first few seasons and veiwership was still declining.
Yes I would agree the first two seasons, despite some problems, in hindsight were closer to the type of Trek series I would prefer.

At the time I was unaware of how well or how poorly it was performing. I didn't go to the internet. The reason it didn't click for me were the characters just didn't do much for me and the stories were hit or miss. Season three was the point where I actually considered bailing given the poor quality with strings of poor showings like Rise, Favorite Son, Darkling, Coda, Sacred Ground, Blood Fever, The Q and the Grey etc.
They gave us "Scorpion", with the Borg and action and for a brief moment the viewership increased.
I can't speak for others but "Scorpion" offered me some hope that VOY would have a turnaround. By the way Scorpion worked so well for more reasons than just action and Borg. It had some nice character dynamics and forced the crew to face a grim choice.
Voyager was a show that wasn't going to make everybody happy no matter what they did. So the show had little choice in becoming whatever it became.
I disagree. UPN should have left the writers alone. Afterall the whole point of using the same people responsible for TNG's success was to make another Trek series. Problem was they didn't let them.

As for the interne fans they are so extreme and contradictory if UPN listened to them then the suits were idiots.

And no show pleases everyone. I still would argue VOY's issues had nothing to do with lack of conflict or no arcs or not showing damage or a lapse in continuity but the individual quality of writing in the standalones they did do. TOS and TNG both made their bread and butter off of one-off shows. Most people including the casual audience are simply interested in being entertained by what they are watching and to care for the characters.

They are too busy with life to take the time to overanalyze or nitpick a tv program and then immediately run off to their computers to share their two cents with others on the anonymous internet.
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