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Re: What would have improved Voyager?

Angel4576 said:
Picard > Janeway
Riker > Chakotay
Worf > Tuvok
Geordi = Torres
Data > Paris
Troi < Neelix
Crusher < EMH

That looks like you're just comparing them with their rank and position.

Still after 7 years of TNG the characters had evolved immensly, we had started to care and like them, I LOVED Data, I want to strangle Neelix.

I will give credit though, Tuvok was very good

If I were to try and compare them which I think is sorta pointless since they aren't made to be compared it would be sorta like this.

Janeway < Picard (they were pretty similar
EMH/7of9/Kes < Data
Neelix < Wesley
Harry < Geordi
B'Elanna < Worf

I can't really compare the others
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