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Re: The Art of Star Trek: Reanimated - The Sequel

Ziz said:
Ok. I just sit back and admire all this 3D stuff, while only possessing a basic working knowledge of it. All my modeling & sculpting skills are in the physical world rather than the virtual one.
Yeah, Redfern said it pretty well - I'm a shameless user of other people's products when it comes to characters; I have no inclination to reinvent the wheel needlessly, in the same way that if I wanted to photograph a beautiful woman, I wouldn't go get married and have a daughter and then wait to see how she turned out .

I can model mechanical, inorganic shapes - not as well as many of our members here can, but well enough to do what I need, as with things like ship interiors and Endeavour. I'm also a real-world sculptor, though, so apps lke Silo and Z-Brush are where I'm going to be looking for organic modeling, since they allow one to treat models like virtual clay, and that's where I'll be expanding my skillset, hopefully. We'll see!
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