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Re: What would have improved Voyager?

exodus said:
Rewatch TNG. It's equal to Voyager on how many bad or forgettable episodes it had.
I disagree. TNG was far more consistent in quality especially from seasons 3-6. For me, I realize this will be different for others, TNG had established a track record where I knew each week I would most likely get at least a good if not great episode.

And for me even if the episode was iffy the fact that I had come to care for these characters made up for it usually because I just liked seeing them.

TNG had a nice mix of stories and of all the series I'd say TNG produced the best high concept stories, a lot of which were penned by the unfairly maligned Brannon Braga.

I really wanted to enjoy VOY but it did have quality all over the place. Probably the most consistent season in terms of quality was season four.
Voyager is the type of show you pop on if you don't want the heavy intellectual drama of TNG or the dark moody feel of DS9.
I'm not averse to mindless popcorn action as long as it was entertaining but sometimes it wasn't. They assumed throwing action in would make the show work.
It was made for a sci-fi crowd that liked Xena, which was all the rage at the time.
I couldn't stand Xena and thankfully VOY wasn't bad like that show.
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