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Re: Set your own goals for NASA

Short Term:

-Get Orion Vehicle and Ares Launch system launched ahead of schedule.

-Plan and execute a several month journey to a Near Earth asteroid, land on it(dock with it), explore the asteroid and take samples and etc. Good stepping point for returning to the moon and going to mars.

-Create an Orbital Tug using ION or plasma thruster using Solar panels for the electricity part of the thrust energy. More efficient, kinda like a pickup truck for space only usage.

-Create the replacement for Hubble and/or a planet finder type telescope capable of directly imaging a Jupiter sized planet and indirectly "seeing" an earth sized extra solar planet.

Long Term:

-Develop renewable life support systems that only require an energy input to extend resources in space.

-Work on Nuclear Fission/Fusion rocket technology that can take us to the planets in reasonable amounts of time.
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