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Re: What would have improved Voyager?

Kegek said:
If it wasn't on UPN, it wouldn't have the meddling that caused many of the show's problems. I'm not saying that channels don't meddle, but Sci-Fi seems content to let BSG get away with more intensive plot arcs, darker conflicts and far more risque material than VOY's writers had ever dreamed of doing.

I think that would have been a good tradeoff for a smaller budget.
I'm not so sure.

Outside of NuBSG and maybe Eureka,the Sci-fi Channel isn't foreunner in original quality programming. Nearly everything they do is so cheap quality, badly produced bottom of the barrel B-Movie style sci-fi. Hell, we hardly even talk about anything the Sci-Fi channel does on this site. I think that's saying allot.
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