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Re: What should be the next batch of IDW Trek comics?

Thank you very much for your explanation! I will forward it to my subscription service in a moment.

It certainly sounds very cool and I am grateful that there won`t be any multiple issues with variant covers any more. I enjoy the new Star Trek comics a lot but my budget is limited.

I voted for Titan and SCE. Titan is my second favourite series and because it is so closely related to TNG, I think it would attract more attention than the less well known Corps of Engineers. Nevertheless, I think also COE could be very popular. I certainly enjoyed the series from the very beginning when it first came out in paperback.

My vote is of course also for more New Frontier but I am aware of it that there is a limited series coming out now very soon and you will want to see if it sells well enough so that there is encouragement on your side for more. I definitely keep my fingers crossed that the NF mini series will be a success and to me it is the highlight of this year so far: I am very much looking forward to it!

I very much enjoy and appreciate the big variety of Star Trek within the IDW comic. Keep up the great work!
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