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Re: What should be the next batch of IDW Trek comics?

Baerbel Haddrell said:
Hello Andrew,

I already asked this question elsewhere here but maybe you haven`t seen it. Can you help?


I read that in order to mark the launch of SECOND STAGE with New Frontier #1, IDW will debut its new Quad Cover format, with four separate covers bound directly onto the same issue. My comic book dealer where I have my subscriptions has just asked me what I want to do in future, if I still want all variant covers for each number.

My logic was that with the quad cover introduction that there is one comic for each story. Instead of “having” to buy multiple copies in order to get all variants, there is just one with all four covers included.

I am able to afford four regular comics (one a week) plus maybe the odd incentive cover issue, if they will still be offered extra. But if the old pattern of multiple regular covers for the same issue on individual comics is still around in Second Stage, I will have to ask my subscription service just to choose one cover each. There is no way I can afford 4 times 4 Star Trek comics a month!

If you can answer this question, that would be very helpful. Then I can also give that information to my subscription service.
Quad Covers(TM) are really simple. It's four different covers bound onto the same issue. Ever see a misprint double-cover, in which two covers accidentally got stapled onto a single book?

This is exactly the same thing. Except it's four covers. And it's deliberate. And all four covers are different.

Why? Because we wanted to give people four different covers without the impression that we were trying to force them into buying four different issues. So, instead, all four covers on the same issue.

With the Quad Cover, though, we can get a lot more creative than simply having four covers stapled on top of each other. For example, the covers could be like four sequential full-page splash panels, depicting not just a moment from inside the book, but an entire sequence-- all as the "cover". For our Transformers books, we could show one of the 'bots transforming from one mode to another across four different "covers". And so on.

Anyway, so, that's the Quad Cover. It sounds kinda obvious to simply explain it, but it's much cooler in practice when you actually see it.

Andrew Steven Harris
IDW Publishing
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