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Re: What would have improved Voyager?

misskim86 said:
Ok I guess I gotta admit myself as a 'niner' ?

And ok sure DS9 had its faults, when I convert new people to trekism I always say "stick thru the first two seasons because from season 3 ds9 becomes one of the best tv-shows period"

But the thing is.. looking at DS9 as a whole.. the show is just simply so good, that you simply don't mind the faults the show has, in fact when the few really bad episodes come (like the risa episode) it's more like a fun comedic break from the seriousness and quality of the rest of the show.

Now I got the Borg cube for xmas and I'm at season 5 and every episode almost ends in a big groan from me, nothing happened really and the show could might aswell have been "Star Trek: Enterprise C"

So yeah DS9 might have its share of faults but making a thread about the faults of DS9 is laughable, especially compared to Voyager which even Voyager fans admit to being an aborted tv-idea

Honestly MissKim, what is this adding to the conversation? Yes we get it, DS9 makes you wet. You nut calling Garak's name. Big frakking deal.

If you're going into Voyager expecting it to be "Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Part C", then you are gonna be in for a disappointment. Appreciate each show for its INDIVIDUAL merits...DS9 was inherently meant to be darker because it was the Federation at war. War is dark. Voyager on the other hand was meant to be about maintaining our ideals when no one's watching. If anything, I expected it to be more optimistic than TNG, because that's what humans do...they not only rise to the occasion when they have to, they do it with more style and more flair than they ever have before.

It's perfectly fine if you prefer DS9....but I wonder, have you ever thought about seeing someone professionally for this almost excessive fascination with "darkness"? Don't get me wrong, I like the darkness too, but I also know that you kinda need to balance it with things that are uplifting as well.
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