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Re: Books to read...

azzurri08 said:
Thanks everyone for all your suggestions. Feel free to suggest any other "great" ST books that have not already been mentioned. JD what were the sort of things said about DIW, Resistance, and before dishonor? Are they not good at all? Thanks again!
I don't remember specifically, I just remember that alot of people didn't like DIW. As for Before Dishonr, here's what I said about it after I quit:

Well, after reading Vixen's review, and the first 155 pages of the book before that, I've decided to put BD down in favor of Forged in Fire. I'm certainly going to back to BD eventually, but I've been dying to find get the stories told in FiF for about 13 years or so.

So far I must admit to not being very impressed with BD, mostly for three reasons so far.
1. Jellico's attitude is really pissing me off. I understand that he's an ass and he's always been an ass (at least when PD), but for some reason this time it's just really bothering me.
2. The whole absorbtion thing is just really weird IMO.
3. All of the stuff I've heard about that comes later (the mutiny, Pluto being absorbed, and the admirals betting on the Borg thing especially).
It's certainly not the worst thing I've ever read, but it is definitely not the best either. From what I've read so far I would give it a 6.5 only because is still a good writer even if the story isn't very good (I hope that makes sense).
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