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Re: No reason the current cast couldn't do a TV series.

StarMan said:
So, movie franchise to TV franchise, as opposed to the other way round? Is there a precedent for that?
Sure. Lots of hit movies become TV shows, just as lots of hit TV shows have become movies. But mostly, the entire movie cast won't agree to signing a five-year contract, or their asking price to appear in a TV show is just too high, or they're busy making other movies, so the TV version gets an all-new (or mostly new cast).

A good example would be... "M*A*S*H". Gary Burghoff (Radar) was a sole survivor.

And no way were Walter Pidgeon and Joan Fontaine (1961) signing up for the TV version of "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" (1964-1968)!

At one time, TMP was going to spawn a TV movie, but ST II ended up with a theatrical release.
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