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Re: What should be the next batch of IDW Trek comics?

AndrewIDW said:
Actually, I read these boards every single day. I don't chime in much because I'm more interested in reading what other people have to say than forcing everyone to read what I have to say; as the Star Trek editor, my opinions already have unusual influence over what goes into the comics, so it'd seem excessive to start trying to influence people on the BBS as well. And, if all I did was come on here and hype hype hype, I'd start to look and feel like a two-bit shill.

On the other hand, I don't mind answering people's questions when they've got 'em, or talking to people about the kind of stories they'd like to see in the books. I can tell you that Titan and DS9 are the two far-and-away front-runners, and I've tried to put up a pretty good track record of being responsive to fan requests.

As I've mentioned elsewhere, with the movie coming up, the schedule is already pretty tight, even a year away. So, it may take a little while, but it won't be for lack of trying.


Andrew Steven Harris
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A weekly release of the comics has been mentioned, I was wondering when that was supposed to begin?

Also, Awesome Job on the books so far! The Orion and Andorian issues were off the hook! Thank You! Sincere thanks to your artists and writers for being inventive, creative, and edgy, while still being respectful to some of the amazing work that has come before and continues to be produced by pocket. You're creating beautiful stuff.
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