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Re: Books to read...

I think it more important to keep in mind that what OmahaStar said is quite subjective. I think the first two were better than Sow and Harvest. And Born specifically was better than both Love and Hate IMO. Also, I very much disagree with the idea that Born and Die could be "easily" skipped. Those two are the two that are constantly mentioned in all of the later books, and without reading them I'd think one would keep wondering what all the fuss was about. Kinda like how I've seen some people complaining that Titan and Articles kept referring to Tezwa and they didn't know what "a Tezwa" is, due to having not read the last A Time To novels.

So I'd recommend you read the synopsis on the back and check our more reviews and gather your own opinion as to whether or not you should read them.
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