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Re: What Enterprise is the better design part 2 ?

DS9Sega said:
RyanKCR said:See my problem with the D, other than how ugly it was, is that it didn't even look like it was from the same universe as Kirk and company. Should have looked more futuristic but not like a completely different universe.
Try comparing a F22 to a bi-plane fighter from 78 years earlier. See? They both have wings and cockpits and engines, but they're more different than the TOS ship and the D.
You're comparing totally different tech, a jet and a conventional plane. In trek terms, that'd be like comparing a warp driven starship with a garbage scow. The TOS ship and the TNG ship have similar function and capability, so you need to find a different analogy (like how different a Cessna is from a spad or fokker ... is it all that different?)
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