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Re: Windows XP Problems WITH Solutions

VMP_DarkKnight said:
Hey it worked! The only thing that is not working is the save game, it says the disk is full or the disk is read only. Any ideas?

This is what appears in the 2nd DOSBOX when I try to save...

Warning: File creation failed: C:\INTERPLAY\TREK2\SAVEGAME.NEW
Warning: File creation failed: C:\INTERPLAY\TREK2\FED.SAVE
Warning: File creation failed: C:\INTERPLAY\TREK2\SAVEGAME.0

When I die, the game tries to bring up the save game box, and it crashes the game with this error message...

Internal Error: Can't open C:\Interplay\Trek2\FED.sav
Game aborted.

What threw me it doesnt say, Trek2\interplay\trek2, maybe the command path for saving needs adjusted? Or am on the wrong track? Any ideas on how to fix that?

Thank you so much btw, I owe you a drink. Or 6...LOL.
I have the same issue now that Judgment Rites is finally running using the latest version of Dosbox in Windows XP. If anyone has ideas how to remedy this problem with Judgment Rites I would greatly appreciate it.Not sure why it the error message says the disk is full or read only. Otherwise it seems to mount perfectly. I have drive c mounted as c:/intrpplay/trek2. Thanks!
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