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Re: No reason the current cast couldn't do a TV series.

Therin of Andor said:
Plum said:
actors in Europe have no problem doing a TV series.
But signing up for a five-year minimum contract, and spending almost six months per year cloistered away in claustrophic soundstages, perhaps wearing heavy SPFX makeup, and knowing that for the rest of your life there is an expectation to do ST conventions... Many actors with glorious ambitions would have second thoughts about that.
I think that's a good point.

Some bullshit US Network contract isn't gonna cut it.

The old 7 season Trek series is gone, thank the gods. Let's imagine a reasonable, say, 3 season production. A real vision, something classy. Perhaps bringing in top writers from todays younger stable. Hey, still think Orci would be an ideal show runner.

PowderedToastMan said:
i can think of million$ of reason$ why they will not do a TV series.
Residuals my friend. It's a frellin' pension for actors in Star Trek.
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