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Re: Books to read...

azzurri08 said:
So how are the more current books such as death in winter, before dishonor, resistance, etc..there are more. I'm basically trying to decide if I want to read these books.

Thanks for your input JD
If you wanted to read the Pre/Post-Nemesis TNG novel-line, this is the basic reading order:

A Time to Be Born
A Time to Die
A Time to Sow
A Time to Harvest
A Time to Love
A Time to Hate
A Time to Kill
A Time to Heal
A Time for War, A Time for Peace

Death in Winter
Titan: Taking Wing
Titan: The Red King
Star Trek: Articles of the Federation
Titan: Orion's Hounds
Before Dishonor
Titan: Sword of Damocles

Greater Than the Sum
comes out in August.

I'd read the Titan books, as they pick up the Romulan storyline from Nemesis and follow Riker, Troi, and Vale on their new ship. This series will also crossover with the TNG books in the upcoming Destiny trilogy, which will feature the Enterprise-E and Titan following Sword of Damocles and Greater Than the Sum. Destiny: God's of Night, Destiny: Mere Mortals, and Destiny: Lost Souls will come out in Oct-Dec '08.

I'd also read Articles of the Federation, since it follows a storyline from the A Time To... series and some other tidbits from TNG and Titan. It's also highly regarded around here.

If you want any info like this on other series (TOS, Voyager, Enterprise, SCE, etc.) just ask.

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