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Re: Looking for a new home?

Any people want to start a Dominion war rpg?

I like Trek PBEM(play by email in yahoo group) but I could never find one that took place during the Dominion war. Would any people be interested in starting up something like that with me? Preferably someone who is or has experience from being a Captain who can push the sim forward since that is probably the hardest thing to find. I'm a good rp'er but really not someone who is good at pushnig people etc :/

I'd mainly want us to be a big ship, like a Galaxy or a Steam runner, not a Defiant class since the sim in my opinion should have exploration missions etc too, like most pbems.

We'd do our own missions etc of course and that would be the main thing, but maybe time to time take part in missions/ battles that we saw or heard of in the show, visit DS9, Bajor, maybe even the Gamma Quadrant.. everything is possible.
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