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Re: No reason the current cast couldn't do a TV series.

Sorry to have overlooked this.

I haven't seen a minute of Sopranos but it is possible that copping out on the ending undercuts the whole series. Not saying it did, now, but it might have. Since Lost is so much about the mystery of the island, if they don't have a coherent explanation, well yeah, the series as a whole is a bust.

When they do the movie of my life, there will be no good reason to cast young versions of my coworkers today.

Spock is not someone to become anyone's friend. There is a tale to be told. Slash was a popular explanation, but it's not mine. Nor I imagine is it the movie's. However, the story of how Kirk and Spock became friends is the only interesting backstory to be told about any of the characters. Every single one of the other characters is superfluous and any brief appearances are just fanwank.

Of course it's perfectly possible for two men to be close friends without sexual motives. You're so freaked you forgot that Spock is supposed to be an alien. But even if Spock were just another forty year old virgin, being bosom buddies with a stud muffin like Kirk is still a little unusual.

(By the way, you could use some real science and have Spock be a product of highly complex genetic engineering instead of unprotected sex. The story of why they'd do that might be interesting. But science is a dirty word with the supposedly good writers. )
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