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Re: What would have improved Voyager?

JoeZhang said:

oh and his holo-novel should have been a porno featuring the crew, with all the fallout that would have generated.
DS9 was all about a guy who ran a brothel. The episode where Jeffery Coombs tried to have Quark make Kira porn was hilarious... Was that a B story in Meridian? O, an Deanna was sure Reg was screwing a hologram of her, and Leah was sure Geordie was screwing a hologram of her. meanwhile the Doctor prescribed holosex for both Vorrik and Tuvok when they got their 7 year itchiness. Although Tuvokwas given his wife and Vorrik was offered a bevy of swim suit model s to gang bang... or did the Doctor seriously think that he was just going to have vanilia sex with only one of them? Which is probably what Kathy did upon the strict urging of the Doctor addressing loudly how well she needed to be banged till she for for got how to walk.

It's insane to think that they don't record everything that happens on the holodeck, although it didn't seem they had a visual feed to work from in that third season episode when Seska came back from the dead. there was a modesty filter that the holodeck could be monitored in a text based format.

He's such a pimp he makes penis's for other holograms if they only ask.
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