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Re: No reason the current cast couldn't do a TV series.

Kegek said:
Starship Polaris said:jms' work in this vein has been derivative - to be kind.
True. I read his proposal, it was more or less Babylon 5 reworked as a Star Trek pitch, complete with the mystery as to why Kirk had been made a commander (a la Sheridan) and some ancient alien evil (a la the Shadows).

But, to be similarly blunt, Whedon's antics bore me to tears. His characters run the gamut from lame humour to syrupy angst.

Perhaps a better comparison is Abrams himself. He's been pretty successful as a producer of his own TV ideas, such as Lost, and he's gone on to make a Star Trek movie. If given the kind of freedom he has with the film, I wouldn't be surprised if a past hypothetical TV writer and/or producer of quality is interested.

Perhaps, if a series is to come immediately from this film at all, it'd be through Abrams' collaborators. Orci & Kurtzmann? Lindelof? I don't know.
Well, I despised the take the JMS came up with for a "rebooted universe" Star Trek... not because I didn't think it could make for good storytelling, though. I hated it because it fundamentally altered KNOWN THINGS in an attempt to turn them into something else.

Now, take the JMS proposal, but excise each and every reference to "Kirk, Spock, McCoy, the Enterprise," etc, etc. Replace that with new characters, and set it POST TNG (which does make sense, since only a small number of people in the galaxy really know about the progenitor bit we saw in ... wasn't it called "The Chase?"). And have this guy basically assigned to track down mysteries concerning this mysterious progenitor race.

Everything that JMS came up with, in THAT setting, would work beautifully... without requiring us to pretend it's "another universe" or whatever.

THAT is what I hated about his proposal. Not the root concepts of the type of story he wanted to tell.

Oh, and Kegek... it was SINCLAIR who had the mystery associated with him. Sheridan was no mystery at all.. he was supposed to be "Earthgov's man" and was supposed to piss the Minbari off... hence the irony that he's the guy who overthrew Clark and ended up living on Minbar.

Personally, I LOVE Babylon 5. Yes, we know that some folks don't... personal opinion and all that.

There's a solution to all of this, though. And it goes back to what was suggested earlier.

We're all thinking in terms of "ongoing series" but there's no real reason to do so. I'd rather have a quarterly "Trek movie-of-the-week," each one done by a different creative team (and you could have multiple shows filming at once, since each would be a dramatically different story).

Sort of a semi-annual-installment-plan ANTHOLOGY.

Wheadon, or JMS, or ANYONE ELSE might have a "go" at it. But they'd be there just for one presentation, then the next guy gets HIS shot.

I think that would work for a few years, don't you?
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