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Re: What would have improved Voyager?

I think people are getting too hung up on the technobabble bits of what Moore is saying - it's all made-up, you could come up with 101 babble reasons why the replicators don't work - the real point of what he is saying is that the show never came across as truthful to the audience. For example -

"Do the characters really believe they are not getting home for seventy years? They don’t act like it. They all believe they are getting home in a couple of hours."
This is so true - it was all so cold and professional all the time - it's just unrealistic, people just don't act like!

and comments like this begger belief

On VOYAGER, there are characters they have given up on. They will just say that to you, flat out. I started asking questions about B’Elanna, who she is. I was saying, ‘I’m having a little trouble watching episodes and getting a handle on her, and what she is about.’ The response was, ‘We don’t have an idea. The past doesn’t matter. Just do whatever you want.’ What are you talking about? How can you give up on your own show? How do you give up on your characters? There is such a cynicism about the show within the people that do the show.
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