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Re: No reason the current cast couldn't do a TV series.

Starship Polaris said:
jms' work in this vein has been derivative - to be kind.
True. I read his proposal, it was more or less Babylon 5 reworked as a Star Trek pitch, complete with the mystery as to why Kirk had been made a commander (a la Sheridan) and some ancient alien evil (a la the Shadows).

But, to be similarly blunt, Whedon's antics bore me to tears. His characters run the gamut from lame humour to syrupy angst.

Perhaps a better comparison is Abrams himself. He's been pretty successful as a producer of his own TV ideas, such as Lost, and he's gone on to make a Star Trek movie. If given the kind of freedom he has with the film, I wouldn't be surprised if a past hypothetical TV writer and/or producer of quality is interested.

Perhaps, if a series is to come immediately from this film at all, it'd be through Abrams' collaborators. Orci & Kurtzmann? Lindelof? I don't know.
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