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Re: No reason the current cast couldn't do a TV series.

Cary L. Brown said:
Braga, and yes MOORE, I blame for a number of things, though. IMHO, if it hadn't been for Pillar's influence, TNG would have never been as good as it was. I think Michael Pillar was really the guy who kept mid-run TNG on a good storytelling track.
Completely. He turned the show around in the third season, and brought in guys like Ron Moore, Ira Steven Behr, Naren Shankar, and Brannon Braga. Piller deserves a lot of credit.

As far as the Farscape guys go... I suspect, if given creative freedom and the option to be showrunners of a show they create (which has an inbuilt fanbase to boot), it wouldn't be such a bad prospect. If JMS was chomping at the bit for an opportunity, I wouldn't be surprised if they or others of reasonable talent can be interested.
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