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Re: What would have improved Voyager?

I saw the pilot to the fan SERIES Odyssey last night(the sequel to 7 years of Hidden frontier.). Well, I started it at 4 am, so I slept through some of the meat in the middle because my will tapped out, but I got the jist, that the guys writing it were seriously pissed at Voyager and they were redoing Caretaker.

Half the crew dead, third officer punk kid in charge separated from his husband by a whole galaxy, Romulan adviser running around in plain site suggesting pure evil, trapped in Andromeda with the story tapping in the pilot to the Kelvins from TOS who ran from Andromeda, meaning that they've actually googled their prediciment unlike some people.

What ferengi? There's ferengi in the Delta quadrant? Wow. How did that happen?

YOH, Voyager needed more main actors not less. Familiar faces. Not so much that everyone gets a whole issue focussed on them, but I did wait 5 years unfulfilled for the episode of Ally McBeal which would be all about Vonda Shepard (The singer in the bar.) and we found out what she really thought about those drunk lawyers.
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