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Re: No reason the current cast couldn't do a TV series.

Plum said:
If I'm correct, actors in Europe have no problem doing a TV series. So I think saying Simon Pegg would refuse to do television is just not so.

It's only in the US that there is a stigma about it. And this stigma is considered old fashioned these days, I'd say, as some TV productions have become worth it for the actors. Such as Oscar winner Mary McDonnell doing nuBSG or the cast from Deadwood, etc.

After all, with such a large cast they wouldn't get to shine nearly as much as in a serialized show. If Star Trek, some years from now, is produced for television in a big way I'm guessing the actors would love to be a part of it.
You're talking about a miniseries approach, then, I presume. If that approach were taken... or if it was something more along the lines of the old classic "movie of the week" that would have Columbo on one week, then McMillan and Wife the next, and so on... giving you essentially one Columbo a month or so rather than one every WEEK...

If that were the case, I could imagine this happening. I just can't see it as a weekly series.

Then again, I really don't WANT to see that, so perhaps I'm a bit biased, too. If we're to see a new, ongoing series, I want new characters who we can watch change and grow and evolve... who can live or die... who are complete unknown quantities when we first meet them.

Yes, it's "been done" on Trek in shows that weren't great successes. But the fact that these shows may not have been successes wasn't due to them having new casts playing new crews, IMHO.
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