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Re: No reason the current cast couldn't do a TV series.

Considering what we know so far, it doesn't seem likely that this cast is being set up as a a TV-series cast. As mentioned before, several of the actors here already have careers that would likely be HARMED by doing that (Quinto would have to give up Sylar... Pegg would have to give up his "big star in England" status... the other actors have roles that they wanna play that, generally speaking, don't involve being limited to saying "Yes, Keptin" or "Warp factor 2, aye" or "Hailing frequencies open, Captain" or "Where'd I put that bloody bottle of whiskey?" or "He's dead, Jim."

It's a dream to play the roles, I'm sure. But on an ongoing "series" basis? I imagine it would get REALLY OLD, REALLY FAST.
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