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Re: What would have improved Voyager?

Personally I just find the concept of the "Maquis" stupid to begin with, in that they're supposed to be there to create such drama...
VOY begins in about mid 2371... the Maquis only formed in late 2370, so they hadn't even been around for a single year anyway. And before that all these supposed "badasses" in the Maquis were all just nice, happy normal Federation citizens, being as patriotic as anyone to the UFP.
So by about mid-Season 2 they'd all been aboard Voyager longer than they had been in the Maquis anyway!

They're called terrorists, but its hardy like they're bloody Al-Queda or whatever. Christ, most people in the Maquis seemingly used to be in Starfleet anyway, so it's not like coming aboard Voyager would be that much of a change for them.

If you wanted some real drama, instead of the crew being made up of Starfleet-Maquis (which basically translates as Starfleet-Starfleet, or at the least Starfleet-Federation civilians) it should have been something like Starfleet-Cardassians, or Starfleet-Roumulans
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