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Re: New to Star Trek

misskim86 said:
Clay bumps on the head...wins
That's yet another thing DS9 has going for it. With the exception of The Bajorans, the aliens on that show actually look like aliens for the most part.

The only reason to watch TNG first is so you can appreciate how much better DS9 is than it. Seriously, I've tried watching TNG - erg. Has NOT aged well. Even the non-sucky seasons are kind of painful.
I have a fondness for Next Gen because I grew up with it. It still looks good. But compared to TOS or DS9 it's so light and fluffy and the obsession with political correctness really hurts it. There were times I thought the characters were just going to sit down and hug each other for an hour. This was the point where Roddenberry had become a complete pacifist weenie and turned a military organization like Starfleet into the Peace Corps in Space. I realize that the idealistic future is the point, but I just don't think that having a setting that perfect makes for good drama. Good Sci Fi perhaps. But not drama. Strictly imho though. Feel free to disagree.
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