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Re: New to Star Trek

misskim86 said:
Yes and first season of DS9 too sadly. Still watch ALL of it. Do NOT skip episodes
Unless you get to, say, Babel, and think "well THAT sucked." In that case, skip away!

But if you like Babel, then you might as well see em all. Rest assured that there's little in the first season that you need to watch simply for the sake of the storyline. The good episodes I mentioned are also the storyline-important episodes. The show doesn't get into serialization bigtime till later seasons.

If watching paint dry is a plot, then yeah it has a plot.
If paint drying was as exciting as DS9, I'd be buying stock in Sherman-Williams! People could throw away their TVs and just slap on a new coat every evening.

The only reason to watch TNG first is so you can appreciate how much better DS9 is than it. Seriously, I've tried watching TNG - erg. Has NOT aged well. Even the non-sucky seasons are kind of painful.
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